Gandhi Chowk

A tale of Struggle, Dedication and Success

Book Description

Every man’s life is governed through dreams. Everyone wants to be the sun and illuminate everyone. But the sun also has to struggle a long time to become the sun. Those who dream of becoming an administrative officer also have to fight with their own mental conflicts from moment to moment. Ashwani, Suryakant and Neelima, the characters of the novel ‘Gandhi Chowk’, overcome these mental conflicts. This story is the story of Ashwani’s preparation for civil service and the obstacles that come in his way after leaving his rugged village and reaching Gandhi Chowk in Bilaspur. How they solve their problems, all this will be seen in this novel. At the same time, it is also the story of a lover’s struggle to get his post after renouncing his elder position in order to get his girlfriend. This story is the story of a common reader. Gandhi Chowk is a story of struggle, dedication and success of the youth who come and prepare.

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